4 Stylish Mudroom Ideas You’ll Love

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Fact: Winter is easier with a good mudroom in your home – Canadians know this well. In fact, in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA)‘s 2021 Home Buyer Preference Survey, powered by Avid Ratings, 33.19% of respondents listed a mudroom as a “must-have” in their home, while 27.58% said they “really want” one. That’s a stark contrast from the 14% who said mudrooms were “not important” (they must be snowbirds).

It’s hard not to see why mudrooms are such a hot commodity for Canadians. Mudrooms offer a dedicated space to tuck away your family’s gear in an organized and efficient way.

There are many different storage features you can incorporate into your home’s mudroom. Hooks, built-in shelves, cabinets, and more keep the space from looking cluttered and messy. Many even prefer to have a laundry station installed in their mudroom for easy cleaning of clothes, coats, boots, and accessories after a long day building snow forts. Some incorporate even more unique features to accommodate the different needs of their family.

What’s more is that a mudroom doesn’t have to be that random space off the side door where style goes to die, but it can be a key design feature in your home. From industrial chic to modern farmhouse, your mudroom can be a refreshing complement to the overall design aesthetic of your home.

Here are four mudroom design ideas from RenoMark members across Canada that we absolutely love:

Going Dark

Dark cabinetry isn’t a trend solely confined to the kitchen – you can incorporate deep tones into your mudroom storage units as well. Dark cabinetry pops against a white or bright space, which catches the eye and gives your mudroom an eclectic touch. Pair that with unique hardware, a patterned floor, or a funky light fixture and your mudroom becomes a design feature rather than an afterthought. Darker cabinetry can also help hide scuffs and dirt – a big plus in a high-traffic area of the home.

“Jennifer 2.0 Renovation/Addition” by Alair Homes Aurora/Newmarket, Aurora, ON – Finalist in the “Best Whole Home Renovation – $400,001 to $600,000” category in the 2021 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

“Modern Makeover” by Reborn Renovations, Calgary, AB

Cleaning Stations

Leave the stench at the door. Mudrooms are a natural place to incorporate many kinds of cleaning stations, including laundry, a grooming nook, or simply a full-length cabinet designed to house the vacuum and other cleaning supplies.

Laundry is always a popular addition to mudrooms because it gives your family a dedicated place to dump their dirty gear after an active day outdoors. If you’re the laundry doer in the household, you might also appreciate not having to run around the house to collect coats, mittens, and snow pants on laundry day. Plus, laundry in your mudroom means no need to sacrifice a living space for a utility area, which is especially great if your home is limited on space.

Further – dog owners will agree – there’s nothing more frustrating than your furry friend running loose in the house after rolling around in the mud. Well, gone are the days when you had to wash your dog in the upstairs bathtub. Many homeowners have saved themselves the headache by incorporating a dog wash station directly in their mudroom, so they can give their pet a good wash before they track dirt through the kitchen.

We’ve even seen a private kitty pen installed in a mudroom where the household cat could do its business out of sight, out of mind. Creative, right?

“Deja Blue” by My House Design Build, Surrey, BC

“Linda Vista” by Hasler Homes, Vancouver, BC – Winner of the “Net Zero Home Award” in the 2021 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

Open Benches

Taking off your shoes is made much easier when you have a place to sit. A useful feature in any mudroom is a bench where multiple people can remove their footwear. And don’t underestimate the convenience of being able to kick off your shoes out of the way while still keeping the room look tidy.Benches can be placed loose or built-in to your mudroom’s cabinetry as an added design feature. Combine this with a few open hooks and you have a functional and stylish storage area to hang bags, hats, and coats. Can you say convenience?


“Carling – Walkout Makeover” by Amsted Design Build, Ottawa, ON – Finalist in the “Best Renovated Space” category in the 2021 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

“The Aquarius” by Enzo Design Build, Vancouver, BC – Winner in the “Best Whole Home Renovation – under $200,000 category in the 2021 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

“Lofty Living” by Bella Vista Developments, Saskatoon, SK


“Parkland Main Floor Renovation” by LD&A, Calgary, AB

Personalized Cubbies

An organizer’s dream is to have dedicated space for every person, activity, and item that ever comes through their front door. Personalized cubbies are a creative way to keep items organized by the individual, and they add a “homey” touch to your mudroom. Plus, not only will the members of your family enjoy their own personal space, but the serial “forgetter” in your household also has no excuse for misplacing their keys.


“From Country to Eclectic” by Whitestone Building and Renovations, Halifax, NS


“Wascana Court” by Alair Homes Regina, Regina, SK

Dreaming of a mudroom like these? Find a professional in your area using the RenoMark renovator directory.

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