Before and After: You Won’t Believe this Modern Penthouse Condo Kitchen Transformation

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Before and After: You Won’t Believe this Modern Penthouse Condo Kitchen Transformation

Company name: Keystone Ridge Developments Ltd.
Project name: Condo Kitchen in The Sky
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Local Home Builders’ Association: BILD-GTA  

Keystone Ridge Developments, a RenoMark member in the Toronto, Ontario area, transformed this once closed-off penthouse condominium kitchen into a beautiful, modern space built for entertaining. The homeowners wanted this space to be the focus of their home, and to have a warm, inviting, and luxurious feel. 

Maximizing the Space by Extending Sightlines

To create the open concept, the wall that divided the kitchen and dining space was torn down and replaced with a beautiful large glass panel. The glass panel gives the space the ultimate wow factor and creates beautiful sightlines from the kitchen into the dining room. The new design keeps the focus on counter space and natural light. The main countertop surfaces are an island and a peninsula that looks out into the dining room area. 

The Cool Factor: Open Staircases

The glass panel also leads to another notable feature that was vital to creating consistent sightlines and flow throughout the space: a modern, open-tread staircase. Once hidden behind a wall, you can now see the architectural features of the staircase through the “window-effect” that the glass panel creates. 

No Wasted Space

Keystone Ridge Developments was able to double the amount of space in the new kitchen design by eliminating a bedroom. This strategy was key to creating a comfortable cooking and preparation space for the homeowner while still having practical storage space that never feels cramped or cluttered. The additional space is perfect for entertaining guests, who can move freely throughout the entire main floor.

Overcoming Challenges

With any renovation, challenges can come up. As this renovation was located inside a condo building, all materials had to be resized for the elevators – a detail that can be overlooked without prior experience renovating a condo. 
For this new kitchen design, removing the wall between the kitchen and the adjacent bedroom created a few challenges, one of which was the electrical. Relocating the existing wiring while adhering to the current building code was not feasible, and so new electrical service runs had to be installed throughout and approved by the condo board. Moreover, the two adjacent rooms had different ceiling heights, so a new drop ceiling had to be built to create consistency.

With all challenges overcome, this penthouse condominium now has a new, luxurious feel, and is built for entertainment. The design is largely crisp, clean, and white. All these features, combined with high end appliances, gorgeous finishes, and natural light, landed Keystone Ridge Developments the winning award for Kitchen Renovation – Under $70,000 in this year’s CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence.

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