Modern and Minimalist City Haven


Pionova Inc.






Under $2 million


2023 RenoMark Awards - GTA

What was the challenge?

With minimalistic taste and quick decision skills, our client was looking for a simple yet elegant home. Having lived in only apartments since they immigrated from Europe, they wanted their first home to fit their needs both visually and functionally.

Although the design is simplistic, building the house was not simple. Sourcing foreign material was a challenge due to COVID pandemic delays.

Building a hidden garage door with space and weight limitations was also a challenge.

The budget was set from the beginning with a defined contingency amount that was not to be crossed. Therefore, we had to use a very considered and methodical approach to the material selection. We knew the hidden garage door and imported Fiber C exterior material were the key elements of the exterior, therefore the remaining sides were finished with stucco to be cost-efficient. In the interior the kitchen and extensive monochromatic wall cladding were key. We used creative LED lighting to accentuate the walls without the use of expensive large slabs.

What was delivered?

The home boldly stands out with its unique shape and choice of the exterior colour palette. The fluted cladding material is repeated on the garage door to blend it with the rest of the exterior. A monochromatic exterior with clean lines and a hidden garage door captures the essence of the client’s personality.

Importing the exterior Fiber C concrete panels from Germany was an innovative solution to deliver this minimalistic look. The same elegant language is carried into the interior design. A welcoming foyer, an open-concept layout on the main floor with monochromatic colours and flooded with warm, natural light and skylights to allow the client to feel decluttered and serene.

The space is divided into seven landings with mono-stringer stairs, each for its own unique purpose. The experience starts with the foyer with an open view of both the tall basement and the main floor.

The office is located on the mezzanine between the main and second floors creating spectacular views from the second floor to the built-in shelving and ladder in the office. There is a landing between the foyer and the basement that leads to the garage.

The floor plan also caters to the functional side of the clients’ personality, which includes a mezzanine office space, an eleven-foot-high basement ceiling, and open views from both the second floor and foyer. The character was added to the space via a large wine cellar, a hidden powder room door, and wall panelling.