Why a design-build firm is the best choice for your next new build or renovation project

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A full-service design-build firm can simplify the complex process of building your dream custom home, writes Ernesto Arduini

When homeowners are looking to begin the process of building their dream custom home, figuring out where they should start can often be confusing. While design ideas, finishes, or their vision of what the final project might look like can be exciting to think about, homeowners should consider seeking out a full-service design-build firm that can help to simplify this complicated process from initial conception to construction, all in one place.

A full-service design and build firm typically includes all aspects of new home design, from initial design work and obtaining building permits, to hand selecting features and finishes, through to completion of the build and handing over the keys to the homeowner.

Often, homeowners will take the route of working with an architect or designer to draw up plans and then look for contractors to provide quotes on these plans in an attempt to find the best quote. This can add time and additional costs to a process that is already lengthy, and often results in disappointment when the actual costs for the project are much higher than what they were told or expected. A fully-integrated design-build firm can help to set realistic expectations for what is possible from the outset of the process.

Homeowners should have a clear and realistic idea of their budget, and be willing to be flexible. Once we establish a client’s budget, we work to create a design that fits within it, finding alternative solutions for ‘must-haves’ vs. ‘like-to-haves’ when necessary. We can often come up with solutions that have a similar look and feel to what a homeowner wants but may not be possible with their budget.

When researching design-build firms, it’s important to look at past work builders have done to see if their work aligns with your vision. To ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable company, look for professional RenoMark builders who have agreed to abide by a renovator-specific Code of Conduct, and are registered with Tarion. Ensuring your builder meets these qualifications will help to protect your investment and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Building the home of your dreams should be an exciting and fulfilling experience, with as little difficulty and effort for the homeowner as can possibly be managed. Making the decision to go with a design-build firm who can handle all aspects of your project from start to finish will go a long way to ensure that the process of building the home of your dreams is simplified and transparent.

Ernesto Arduini is a Principal Partner at Ridgestone Homes, an independently owned and operated, full-service design and build firm. Please send your thoughts or questions to renomark@bildgta.ca.