10 ideas To Spice Up That Blank Wall

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It’s not unusual to have a blank wall in your home that has you stumped. Although empty walls can add visual balance to a room, they can also be missed opportunities. If you are tired of that empty space and are in need of a little inspiration, then look no further. Here are 10 ideas to spice up your space from recently renovated homes across Canada:

Roll out that wallpaper
The easiest and fastest way to add colour, texture, pattern, and scale to a room is by adding wallpaper. With a typical lifespan of 10 to 15 years, it is also more durable than paint and easier to install then you would think. Choose from thousands of colours, prints and textures to find your perfect fit.

Condoworks Design Renovations Ltd., Vancouver, BC, with Kalu Interiors
Put together a gallery wall
Add some personality to your room by assembling a fun gallery wall. From picture frames, baskets, plants, geometric objects and plates, get creative by filling in your blank space. You can start small by collecting a few items and continue to expand the gallery as time goes by. Lay out your collection on the floor and measure the available wall space. Step back and take them all in at once. Do you want your design to be neatly arranged or have more of an organic feel? Play around with the design until you are happy with the look. Then you can get to work hanging your gallery to the wall.

My House Design/Build Team, Surrey, British Columbia
Go for the shiplap
Shiplap paneling can instantly give any space in your house character, texture, rusticity, and a focal point. This cost-effective solution is easy to install and easier to maintain. Bonus: Shiplap that is put horizontally creates an optical illusion making a space appear bigger than it actually is.

Get creative with decorative paneling and woodwork
From beadboard to 3D panels, there are countless way to elevate your space with the help of panels and woodwork. For a more traditional look opt for some wainscoting. Play up that modern feel with a geometric design or some board and batten for a farmhouse look. Whatever your design style, decorative panel can take a blend wall to an accent piece in no time.

Alair Homes Aurora/Newmarket,Aurora, Ontario
Up your storage game
Short on storage in your home? Why not utilise that vertical space by adding some floating shelves, cubbies or hooks. Make the most out of your blank walls by storing away books, candles, plants and other knick-knacks in a custom shelving unit that’s designed to fit your space. Not only will this add visual interest to the room, but it’s also a great added value to your home.

RND Construction Ltd., Ottawa, ON with Cedar Ridge Designs Inc.
Create an authentic looking wood or stone wall
Add a bit of nature back into your home by adding a stone feature wall or some rustic wood paneling. Organic materials can add warmth and character to almost any space.

Opt for some oversized art
One of the easiest ways to fill in your blank wall is to add a single piece of oversized art. Check out your local thrift stores and art galleries until you find a piece that’s meaningful to you.

Kooger Construction Inc., Blackstock, ON
Brighten up your space with intricate lighting
Recessed lighting, pendant lighting, and wall sconces all work together to create the ideal level of illumination. When working with a blank wall, you can never go wrong with adding some ambient lighting. Create a focal point in any space by adding a stylish sconce or two. Maybe sure to reach out to a professional if you’re thinking about implementing some new lighting in your home.

Upgrade your textiles
Still not sure what to do with that empty wall? Add warmth and texture to your space by adding some fun textiles. Woven art, tapestries and baskets can all be used as wall dcor. Macram pieces are also really trendy at the moment.

Add a mirror
Mirrors can make your space look larger and brighter. This simple addition will improve the visual interest of any room. From wall mounted to leaning mirrors, you are sure to find a mirror that works well with your aesthetic.

Harwood Design Builders Ltd, Winnipeg, Manitoba
If you’re thinking about transforming your blank walls, start a conversation with a renovator near you. Use RenoMark’sprofessional directoryto find a professional in your area and start a conversation on how to incorporate your vision into your home.

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