Monochromatic Modern Bathroom Update


BINNS Kitchen + Bath Design


Toronto, ON




24 weeks




Best Bathroom Renovation – BILD 2022 Renovation and Custom Home Awards

What was the challenge?

After a devastating fall that left one of my clients unable to walk for months, the couple decided to sell their three story walk up home and purchase a single story penthouse that was built on top of a century old building. This renovation was to take into account that my clients were planning on living in place as they aged and needed to include a barrier free shower for the clients, and a more comfortable tub for their younger grandchildren to play in when they visited.

Because the client’s existing shower had curbs, thankfully their unit was a penthouse addition to an existing condominium, and once we pulled up the existing flooring, a 2 foot crawl space below the bathroom enabled us to create the required slope and drainage for the barrier free shower. Though the labours were a sizable portion of the budget, this was an integral part of the process in accomplishing the client’s goals. One problem we ran into after pulling up the existing floor was a large I-beam intersecting where our originally planned linear tile shower drain was to go. As we could not move the beam, we pivoted on the spot and planned with a four point drain instead. It ended up being a great solution as the final result looked fantastic.

What was delivered?

Aspects of the renovation that contributed to the overall interior appeal of the home that most stand out was the ability to execute a curb-less shower inside a condominium bathroom, something not often easily accomplished. Secondly, though the sourcing of readily available higher end fixtures during the COVID-19 pandemic presented its own unique challenges, the overall final finishes and fixture selections took into account the rest of the condominium, and client’s love for their art collection. The unique and varied textures of tiles, combined with their stunning sculptural bronze cast sinks gave the eye multiple areas of visual interest, much like the rest of the condominium.

The design concept was to create a safe, accessible bathroom, while also making aging in place look and feel sexy. I wanted to create a space that felt as unique as their condominium itself and accomplish the client’s goal of making the space feel warmer and more inviting. Being avid travelers, the clients also wanted the bathroom to feel luxurious, much like some of the hotel bathrooms they enjoy while travelling.

Removing the curb from the existing shower and enlarging the overall shower foot print enabled the space to feel more cohesive and less disjointed then the previously separated enclosed shower and tub areas. It served to really open up the bathroom and make the entire space feel more expansive and luxurious much like the rest of the condominium.

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