Northern Lights


Schreyer Construction Ltd.


Whistler, BC






Best Renovated Space – 2021 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

What was the challenge?

The clients were looking to add a media room to their existing home. Because of limited space, Schreyer Construction had to think outside the box. Using the latest in science, equipment, and engineering, they excavated below the home and created a home theater bunker. The most daunting task was the excavation under the garage and the townhouse itself. Breaking rocks, debris handling, recycling, and material storage had to be extremely organized and clean to create a minimal impact on the surroundings, neighboring occupants, and guests of the resort area.

What was delivered?

This media room is a masterpiece of sound and visual engineering utilizing the latest science and equipment in home theater technology. It’s also set up as a family/games room with concealed wine storage and drawers for accommodating games. The media room features a dropped ceiling with cove lighting and plenty of hidden storage. A fresh mix of high-quality contemporary furnishing materials (wood, wool, linen, leather) was selected to complement the color scheme of the room and blend seamlessly/compliments the rest of the townhome. The homeowners absolutely love the location of their added media/entertainment room as it perfectly fits their lifestyle.

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