Chinook Park Bi-Level Rejuvenation


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Best Whole Home Renovation – under $200,000 – 2022 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

What was the challenge? 

This growing family was looking to increase the overall function and efficiency of their home without sacrificing comfort and entertainment.  

The existing closed-off floor plan had a landlocked kitchen that was disconnected from the remainder of the house, a small dining room, and two underutilized seating areas. The new layout met the desired needs of the client to have an open area to entertain and a place to relax. This allowed the kitchen to be the epicenter of the home with a direct visual connection to the entrance, dining room, living room, and deck. 

Discrepancies between existing drawings and site conditions required the removal of the existing masonry fireplace. The design called for 40 spotlights to be added to the existing ceiling which required the removal of asbestos materials. They discovered the new roof did not have any vents and after installing them, this greatly improved airflow to the attic space and will help avoid potential issues with mold growth. 

What was delivered? 

After all 3 children moved out, the homeowners’ goal was to update the communal areas in the home to be more connected, functional, and inviting for both day-to-day activities and larger gatherings when their children return home with extended families to visit. Relocating the kitchen and dining from the front of the house to the back allowed for a larger kitchen and dining area to accommodate more people and allow for outdoor entertaining with the kitchen being directly off the back deck with a 12-foot-wide patio door.  

Space was also created by raising the ceiling in the main bathroom and converting an unused nook to expand an adjoining bedroom. A front entry bench was added to provide definition and useful storage. A larger mudroom was built to create order at a busy entrance and is elegantly separated by a barn door. 

A warm and inviting feel was accomplished throughout the home using clean modern finishes mixed with natural elements and rich textural details. Wood accents at the bar, kitchen lighting, and railing, along with natural stone counters and a subtle herringbone tile detail at the fireplace, bring warmth to the bold white and grey colour palette. 

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