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North Gower, ON






2023 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

What was the challenge?

The transformation of this home from a structure plagued by water infiltration issues to a beacon of entertainment and comfort is a testament to innovative design and meticulous planning. Initially, the project was conceived out of a necessity to address foundational water infiltration problems. However, this challenge serendipitously provided the impetus to broaden the project’s scope, aligning it with the client’s aspirations of enhancing their home’s functionality and sociability. The incorporation of a four-season room was pivotal, designed not only for social gatherings but also as a seamless bridge between the indoors and the outdoors. This addition, alongside the strategic remodeling of the kitchen and updates to three bathrooms, was underpinned by a commitment to accessibility, aging in place, and harmonious integration with the existing home’s aesthetic.

What was delivered?

Central to the project was the innovative waterproofing of the foundation, which necessitated the removal of two fireplaces to prevent future water damage and to improve the home’s energy efficiency. The introduction of a separate access to a newly conceived basement games room from the addition underscores a thoughtful consideration of flow and utility. Challenges such as managing a high water table and maintaining the operation of an adjacent pool were adeptly navigated, ensuring that the structural integrity and functionality of the home were uncompromised. The implementation of expansive operable windows in the rear addition epitomizes the project’s vision of indoor-outdoor connectivity, allowing the space to be opened up completely to the environment or isolated as needed.

The culmination of these efforts has birthed an ultimate entertainment haven, boasting a spacious, well-appointed kitchen that serves as the heart of the home. The removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room has created an expansive culinary space, rich in storage and prepping areas, conducive to social interaction and culinary exploration. The relocation of the dining room to the new four-season addition, surrounded by exotic plants and expansive windows, offers an immersive dining experience that blurs the lines between the natural and built environments. With flush floor transitions and a thoughtful layout, the home now stands as a paragon of accessibility, energy efficiency, and seamless flow between spaces, ready to host countless gatherings and create enduring memories.

Kitchen Before Kitchen After


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