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Calgary, AB






CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence 2023

What was the challenge?

A horrible fire gave this homeowner the opportunity to rebuild and create a space that they are proud to call their own. They took advantage of the situation and transformed their house into their dream home. Because the structure was bare boned, had to work closely with contractors and architects to design and execute their vision. The biggest challenge was making sure the entire home was fully remediated after the tragic fire and anything with a hint of
damage was removed.

What was delivered?

Despite not being planned initially, the homeowner viewed it as a fortunate turn of events, allowing them to create their dream home in their desired location. The in-house design team helped bring the homeowner’s vision to life by selecting new finishes. The Back Entry features custom cabinetry with a dog feeding station, a quartz top, and an in-wall pot filler to satisfy their furry companion’s needs. Additionally, the homeowner upgraded to a direct vent furnace and hot water tank, which made it possible to remove the b-vent that previously ran through the Main Bathroom. The new design and finishes will undoubtedly provide the homeowner and their loved ones with a functional and comfortable living space for many years to come.

Livingroom before Livingroom after


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