Forever Home


TQ Construction


Burnaby, BC






CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence (2023)

What was the challenge?

The renovation of this 1912-built home focused on preserving its historical character and the spirit of the neighborhood while incorporating modern, open-concept design elements. The owners aimed to create their ‘Forever Home’ by raising the top floor by four feet and rebuilding 40% of the existing structure.

What was delivered?

The original A-frame design was elevated to maximize interior height, and all existing floor and wall framing was retained while the roof and walls were rebuilt. The interior and exterior were updated with a soft-white and grey color palette accented with black contrasts, creating a contemporary yet timeless look.

Notable features of the renovation include gorgeous folding glass doors that open onto a new back deck, classic shaker-style painted wood cabinets, open wood underlit display shelves, and a custom-designed fireplace surround. The energy efficiency of the home was significantly improved, achieving an Energuide rating of 68 with a 72% enhancement in air-tightness. Upgrades such as a new TGI floor system, enhanced insulation, new windows, skylights, forced air with new ducting, on-demand hot water, A/C, and EnergyStar-rated Kitchenaid appliances were incorporated. The layout was reconfigured to include an office/guest room with an adjoining bathroom, and vaulted ceilings were added to create volume while utilizing the attic space for storage. Despite facing challenges like a tight budget and long permit timelines, the project successfully transformed the existing home into a modern yet heritage-inspired sanctuary.

Exterior before Exterior after


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