Modern and Functional Condo Update


WC Meek Design & Construction






Over $200,000


2023 RenoMark Awards – GTA

What was the challenge?

To create a better functioning space plan, several steps were taken to create more flow throughout the space.

We fully gutted all finishes throughout. Most rooms stayed in the same place with slight adjustments made for better function. The largest changes took place in the following areas: Front entry, Kitchen and Living areas, and the Primary Bedroom suite.

In the Kitchen, originally there were 2 entry points: one off a small service hallway from the Front entry and the second off the dining room. The Kitchen was a separated space with doorways only to connect to living areas. By removing all of these walls and recreating the spaces we were able to design a highly functional Kitchen and Dining area with a large amount of storage space and full view into the living room.

We also created a very functional Laundry room with storage for both household items as. The new space was on its own off the foyer and would not interfere with main spaces as it did in the original layout.

The original bathroom was very dark with no natural light and was closed in. the walk-in closets had so many doors in the corridor that you could only have 1 door open at a time.

By removing all of these walls, reworking the plumbing as much as possible, we were able to create a bathroom with a better entry location within the bedroom and added a natural light source.

The closets were turned into a full wall of built-in cabinetry with lots of space for viewing of clothes and function in and around the space.

What was delivered?

Design details that helped create a harmonious palette throughout for Flooring, Cabinetry, Countertops, Backsplash, Lighting and Accessories included the following:

All flooring throughout except for bathrooms, laundry and powder room was engineered, prefinished white oak in large format herring bone pattern which creates a subtle flow.

Powder room and Laundry floor repeating pattern in a 6”x6” ceramic tile as well as the Bathrooms large 32”x32” pebble porcelain pattern create a visual interest to enhance each space. Shower wall tiles were variegated ceramic tiles with glazed finish.

Cabinetry throughout replaced all closets to save space and add efficiency for both use and function. All cabinetry was white rift cut oak stained to fall in line with the floor colour and finish.

Bathroom countertops were in quartz to blend into the rooms where as in stark contrast, the Kitchen and Powder room countertops and Backsplash features incredible art in Marble. Powder room and kitchen installation required structural hangers to support the marble.

In order to create space to hide window treatments and add general and accent lighting throughout, we framed the ceiling down by 9”. This gave us full flexibility to put lighting anywhere we wanted. High end LED single and double pot lights were installed along with custom track lighting in foyer and hallways to create the art gallery affect. Undercabinet for task and decorative lighting in kitchen and bathrooms were also used.

Completing the details of the space with black door and cabinet hardware and some plumbing created continuity in the spaces.

The most time consuming detail of all was the perimeter ½” reveal around all baseboards, door and cabinetry casings, creating perfection and no room for error to complete the space.


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