Project Dare to be Bold


Lagois Design Build Renovate


North Gower, ON






CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence 2023

What was the challenge?

Transforming a dull and cluttered kitchen into a functional and inviting space can make a world of difference in the look and feel of your home. This is exactly what these clients aimed to achieve, and with the right planning and execution, they were able to create a beautiful and practical kitchen. The first step was to identify the key areas that needed improvement – storage, work surface, seating, and flow. By focusing on these areas, they were able to create a design that maximized the available space and added value to their home.

What was delivered?

The Lagois Design team was able to completely transform their client’s home by utilizing the existing footprint efficiently. They created a cohesive and unique design that was inspiring for their clients. One of the most impressive changes they made was in the dark dining room. The Lagois Design team took the existing aged stippled vaulted ceiling and turned it into an elegant coffered ceiling, complete with inset potlights and a stunning light fixture.

In the kitchen, which was previously dark and not very user-friendly. they added a large, distinctive island to create an extra prep area and a seating area for the family. The kitchen layout was changed slightly to allow for an archway to the dining room and to add more counter space and cupboards for storage.

In addition to the kitchen and dining room, They also utilized the existing basement space to allow the family better use of the otherwise open area. A bathroom, reading nook, office, craft room, rec-room, and an organized laundry room were added to make the basement a more functional part of the home.

Overall, the Lagois team was able to create a stunning and functional home by making efficient use of the existing footprint. The changes they made added brightness, elegance, and organization to the space, making it more enjoyable for their clients to live in.

Kitchen before Kitchen after


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