The Augustine


Lupi Luxury Homes


Calgary, AB






Best Exterior Renovation– 2022 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

What was the challenge?

The client wanted to change the look of the house to match the recent renovation made indoors. The goal for this home was to leave behind the old, traditional look, and strive for a classic and contemporary look. To achieve this, they removed many of the traditional elements and squared off the structural look of the exterior. They followed a light grey colour scheme to ensure a modern look was achieved. A challenge related to this renovation was working on a 1960s structure. Extra precautions were taken to ensure the home would be safe for their clients.

What was delivered?

The interior of the home was previously renovated to be clean and classic. To mirror the newly renovated interior, the clients wanted the exterior to be updated in a way that would blend into the existing neighborhood as their home had before. To further update the look of the home, they redid the stucco on the whole home and painted a it a grey/brown color. Additionally, they updated the lighting fixtures, home number, upper balcony railings, as well as the back and front decks. Red brick was added to the columns of the front of the home to match the brick chimney at the back of the home. The driveway was also completely redone in aggregate concrete. The homeowners were left with a modern, classic look for years to come.

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